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A Glimpse Into My Life

I am a veteran of the United States Navy and was fortunate enough to live on an island in the Mediterranean during my years of service. The small town I lived in was beautiful and had many stores selling handmade dishes, vases, jewelry, and many other items. I loved the creativity of the artisans who used many materials to make their art. This caught my interest, and I’ve become passionate about arts and crafts since.

Nowadays, I work as a clinical social worker who badly needs to find balance from the stress of my job. With the help of Sully, my dog, I have been able to find something calming and creative to do. Sully loves to be outside, but not alone. On the other hand, I love to be outside, but want to be doing something as I sit. So, I started knitting and working on craft projects.

As my stress level decreased, my interest in crafting increased. I had a large collection of jars, bottles, and wood in my garage, and I started thinking I could make something with these items.

My husband and I recycle as much as we can. So I thought I could recycle and reuse the items I have on hand, starting out by making recipe jars as gifts. People seemed to like them, so I continued venturing out and started decorating the jars.

My hobby has taken off from there and has reduced my stress levels. Sully has inspired me and taught me to relax and make the most of my creative ideas.

My Mission

Inspired by Sully aims to create rustic and simplistic craft pieces made mostly from recycled and reusable materials. Using items that would normally go into landfills not only helps the environment but also provides me with an opportunity to make fun and interesting pieces.

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